Herringbone Parlors

Challenger 40


 The GEA Challenger 40 (36” and 42”) is a full featured, value-oriented  herringbone stall that sets high standards of performance at an  affordable price. 

Global 45


 With the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor, GEA gives you a flexibly  expandable and durable milking parlor with an intelligent design. The  ergonomic layout of the milking stalls combines with an intelligent  floor plan to increase your throughput and dramatically reduce the  expenditure associated with milking. It adjusts to suit your needs – not  the other way around. 

EuroClass 1200/1200RE


 The EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor combines cow  comfort, efficient time management, high throughput, safety and  durability into a single product.

Euroclass 800 Swingover


With the SwingOver EuroClass 800 milking parlor system, you get an  innovative herringbone milking parlor that saves time and increases  throughput without requiring a large investment.

Side by Side Milking Parlour

DairyParlor P7550


With  shorter milking times and faster cow flow, you benefit from the  combined advantages of Side-by-Side milking with the “Vertical Lift”.  Thanks to its compact, flexible and expandable design, this milking  parlor lets you milk a large number of cows in a very small area. Its  vertical lift exit gate with integrated indexing function paves the way  towards even faster cow flow – for more efficient milking and maximum  throughput. GEA’s DairyParlor P7550 is perfectly designed for daily milk  production with mid to large-sized herds.

Magnum 90i


 The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor from GEA has been specially  developed for dairies that milk their herds 24 hours a day. Its robust  construction and low maintenance needs set the standards for reliability  in large dairy operations. And not only that: This powerful system  solution is also much more comfortable and convenient for both the  milker and the cow. 

Global 90i


 The Global 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor from GEA is incredibly  convenient for milkers and increases throughput significantly for  medium-sized and large dairies. Its intelligent design and variety of  innovative solutions are setting the standards when it comes to milking  larger herds. And it's not just the milkers who benefit, it's the cows,  too. 

Rotary Parlors

AutoRotor PerFormer Plus


 Continuously, without stopping and at constant speed: that`s how the  AutoRotor PerFormer Plus rotates with 24 to 80 milking stalls. No matter  whether for 5, 10, 15 hours or around the clock it shortens the  absolute milking times by increasing the throughput of milked cows per  hour – integrated in an individual overall planned concept based on the  size of the herd. 

AutoRotor Magnum 90


 The AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlor is incredibly efficient.  It is the ideal solution for the fast and gentle milking of large herds.  Numerous well-designed details optimize your working processes – from  entry to milking, right up to cleaning the system and the milking parlor  components. 

AutoRotor Global 90


 The milking process is particularly comfortable for the cow with the  AutoRotor Global 90. Even moving the cows into the parlor is calm and  stress-free. The milking stalls themselves are designed so that the cows  have sufficient space and a good view of their environment and  neighbors. The non-slip floor and rounded bars prevent the cows from  being injured in the milking parlor.  

Milk Control Units

Metatron P21


 The seamless integration of Metatron 21 and DairyPlan C21 opens up  completely new possibilities for optimizing your work flow directly in  the milking stall. Metatron 21 records all of the data that is  generated, such as milk yield, conductivity or input (e.g. selection  marker) and sends the data to DairyPlan C21 for further processing.

Metatron S21


 Metatron Select ensures automatic control of the pulsation system – the  milk flow controlled follow-up milking and automatic removal as well as  the optional time-controlled removal process. Furthermore, Metatron  Select can be combined with Metatron Premium: Metatron P21 can be fitted  to your integrated gate controller, e.g. on the first and last milking  stalls, and Metatron S21 can be fitted in the remaining milking stalls.  

Dematron 70


 DemaTron 70 will additionally provide you with precise  information of the milk yield, together with the removal of the  clusters. The milk flow and milk yield monitoring information – provided  by Matatron MB – can be used to optimize the removal function and udder   health as well. The benefits for you are a safe monitoring of the  milking process and optimum stripping.

Milking Clusters

IQ Milking Cluster


 IQ's revolutionary four-way technology ensures that you always have  maximum milk quality, quantity and udder health. Using it is  incomparably easy! Easier attaching, milking and maintenance.

Apollo™ MilkSystem


 The Apollo™MilkSystem is an innovative, automated milking unit exclusive  to GEA. This first‑of‑its‑kind product incorporates patented technology  to automatically apply post‑dip, through the head of the liner at the  end of milking, and automatically backflush after detach — facilitating a  superior milk harvesting process every time the cow enters the parlor. 

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Classic 300


 The Classic 300 and Classic 300E milking clusters make milking both  gentler and more efficient. Their modular design means that they can be  adapted flexibly and easily to changing conditions.