Steel Cable or Dyneema® Rope

Choice between two types of steel cable: galvanized  (cheaper) or stainless (better corrosion resistance) steel cable of 3/8”  (9.5 mm) or ½” (13 mm) diameter. Strong and durable, it is perfectly  suited to very long manure alleys.

The Dyneema® rope of 7/16” (11  mm) is flexible, very light, and easy to install. It is perfectly suited  to manure alleys less than 300 feet (91 m) in  length. The Dyneema® ropes designed only for grooved alley and must be  kept away from frost and sand.

1/2” (13 mm) chain System

This system distinguishes itself with its compact vertical chain drive unit and the high quality fabrication of the 13 mm chain.                             

Under Floor Channel Scraper

 The raised design of the under floor channel draw bar allows liquid  manure to flow into a channel installed underneath the manure alley. The  channel can be made of concrete, circular or rectangular, or corrugated  PVC pipe. 

Tube Scraper System

The tube scraper system has been designed to move as much manure as  possible into a prefabricated concrete tube installed underneath the  manure alley.

Electromix System

The Electromix System includes a low power pump with hydraulically  driven piston and the Electromix agitator. This system evacuates dairy  manure that has been fully agitated and homogenized through underground  line from tied stall or from free stall barns up to the main storage.  The manure may contain bedding such as straw or sawdust of a consistency  not exceeding 1½" (38 mm) 

Futuro Single Piston Pump

The Futuro is a low power pump with hydraulically driven piston. The  large flapper valves inside the evacuation chamber are pressure actuated  to evacuate dairy manure through underground line. The flapper valves  design and the Futuro heavy-duty manufacturing allow handling manure  containing limited amount of bedding such as sand, sawdust, wood  shavings and chopped straw. 

Magnum Single Piston Pump

The Magnum is a low power pump that transfers efficiently thick manure  from tied stall barn or from free stall barn up to your main storage  through underground line. Different configurations of hopper inlet are  offered to suit 1 or 2 barn cleaner installations and alley scraped by a  skid-steer loader. 

Super Slider Pump

 The Super Slider Pump is a versatile 8” Super Pump of adjustable length capable of being used in manure pits of different depths on dairy, hog and beef farms. The Super Slider Pump adjusts to different lengths and is easy to maneuver, allowing operators to move quickly from one pit to the next. Its dual-nozzle design and visual indicators provide superior agitation performance and greater convenience for the operator. 

Articualted Agi-Pompe

 The Articulated Agi-Pompe stands out by its powerful propeller providing a constant agitation as you are in loading or agitation mode. This far-reaching pump allows faster agitation and transfer of manure from main storage. The Articulated Agi-Pompe rapidly homogenizes liquid manure using a tractor with a minimum of 140 HP – 540 RPM only. Also available in 1000 RPM with gearbox reduction. 

Articulated Super-Pump

 This Articulated Super Pump is especially designed for narrow areas to manage manure in deep lagoons with steep banks.

4" Horizontal Agi-Pompe on a Pontoon

 The 4" Horizontal Agi-Pompe on Pontoon offers the advantage to be able to agitate and transfer the liquid manure from everywhere on a lagoon.  The Agi-Pompe Stands out from the other pumps because of its ability to provide both high performance pumping and high efficiency agitation.

3" High Pressure Pump

The most powerful of all 3" pumps, it will respond to high head pressures while remaining economical. The 3" High Pressure Pump is direct drive with jaw coupling or can also be available belt driven for regions on 50 Hz power. 

Vertical Super Pump

 The Super Pump is built with the same high quality construction as the Agi-Pompe and is the right choice to homogenize and transfer dairy liquid manure and hog slurry that may contain limited chopped bedding and minimal water with bottom sediments.

Articulated PTO Agitator

 The far-reaching articulated agitator with its strong 3-point hitch agitates the content of a concrete pit safely and efficiently.

Lagoon Agitator

5 lengths of Lagoon Agitator available to give you the necessary far- reaching access to agitate the content of your lagoon efficiently and safely

Electromix Agitator

 The Electromix Agitator is the perfect agitation device to homogenize manure from your reception pit. It mixes the solids with liquid in order to maximize pumping. Match your pit depth with a choice of eight agitator lengths or with the double propeller agitator if you have an even deeper pit. 

Electric Agitator on Pontoon

 Efficiently homogenizes liquid manure contained in saucer-shaped pits.

Green Bedding/Manure Seperation

2-Stage Seperator


 Compress wet fiber sliding off from an 8ft x 8ft Sloped Screen Separator for further reduction of the moisture content in the solids.

Regulator Tank


The perfect device to handle ticker manure that does not requires a dewatering treatment prior to the compression process.



 The Xpress distinguishes itself from other manure separation system by its ability to compress manure fiber without altering the fiber integrity. The Xpress’s fiber quality limits the amount of fiber becoming airborne as well as the amount of fiber sticking to the cow teats. The fiber resulting from these systems remains the best available comfort for your cows. 

Manure Spreading

EL-48 Steerable Spreaders


 Our directional spreader offers excellent maneuverability and control on all types of terrain. Its agility results in less ground impact when turning. Its field proven power-steering system and superior quality suspension provide more resistance to obstacles. 

Truck Mount Spreaders


 Our truck mount spreader is designed to be custom-made for a wide range of vehicles. The tank is made of 1/4" (6 mm) thick steel providing durability. The low profile tanks provide maximum visibility and great stability. As all of our line of spreader tanks, the truck mount spreader offer many options to meet customer requirements. 

STR Series Semi Tanker


 The STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker allows you to haul further and faster. By streamlining manure transport from farm to field, you save time, fuel and wear and tear of your equipment. Furthermore, the STR Series Semi-Tanker can haul and apply slurry directly on hard soils after harvest. 

24 Inch Hydraulic Disc Injector


 The tool bar with hydraulic discs injects liquid manure in all types of soil at a minimum speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) and a maximum depth of 6" (15 cm). Each disc injector is connected to a hydraulic cylinder to better follow the contour of the field. This means, each injector adapts to uneven ground while maintaining its working depth and not affecting the working depth of the other injectors. 

Flex Drop Hoses


 Low spreading tool bar to apply manure by gravity directly onto the ground, reducing odor to a minimum. Evenly distributes manure under windy conditions. 

38 ft Three Deflector Tool Bar


 This tool bar spreads manure rapidly and efficiently in a very wide pattern. Equipped with large 6" (15 cm) and 8" (20 cm) pipes, the 38-foot Tool Bar spreads thick liquid manure at a rate up to 1 800 US gpm (1 500 gpm Imp / 6 814 lpm). 

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