Ridge Ventilation


 The ridge of your barn is often situated in a location that makes it necessary to place a "lean-to", so there is less chance that rain will enter the barn. The table ridge from GEA will ensure protection from the elements as well as provide a source for air to leave the barn, even when there is hardly any wind. 



The EvolutionXC™ fans from GEA are available in two model sizes (52” and 60”) and two different blade options (3- or 6-blades). The EvolutionXC 52” model has been tested and certified for energy efficiency and may qualify for energy rebate programs. 

Cow Comfort

Combi Comfort Stall


 The Combi Comfort is adjustable both in height and width. This makes the setting up of the cubicle highly flexible and leads to an increase in comfort for the animals.

Easy Drink Waterer


Waterers from GEA are built for strength and longevity, enduring the abuse from cattle and machinery, and they are easy to operate to guarantee your herd gets the access it needs to a fresh water supply. 

Cow Mattress Systems


 Mattress systems have to prevent slipping, above all else. This provides cows with a sense of safety when laying down and standing up. Furthermore, mattress systems also have to be durable and capable of withstanding years of intensive usage. 

Single Beam Freestall


 The Single Beam Freestall Mounting System features a state-of-the-art, patented mounting design. This time-tested and proven stall is praised by dairies worldwide. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, it offers supreme versatility and excellent stall usage. Single Beam Systems yield cleaner stalls, as cows lay straighter. 

2-D Line Cubicle


 She can stand or lie down without being hindered by rails. However, the cubicle provides enough control so that she can lie straight and not soil the cubicle bed. The 2-D line can be installed with any type of bedding. 

Zorbisan Bedding Conditioner


 ZorbiSan is a high-absorbency bedding treatment for dairy applications that improves cow comfort by keeping bedding cleaner and drier. 

Feed Fences

 The focus is on calm processes in feeding. A clean and problem-free access to feed and the possibility to separate individual animals to check or treat them after milking where necessary are important aspects of feeding. 

Youngstock Solutions

Automated Calf Feeder


Automated support for rearing young cattle: With the DairyFeed J  C400+, V600+ and V640+ calf feeders, you benefit from controlled,  healthy calf growth – suitable for every herd size and every  agricultural business.

UV Pure


 Purifying milk just got more efficient: The UVPure calf milk  purifier helps you to rear young cattle successfully. Drinking more  nutritious milk means your calves grow healthier and faster, which in  turn benefits your business.

Milk Buggy+


 Mobile calf feeding: The MilkBuggy+ from GEA helps you to feed your  young cattle regardless of where they are and whether you use milk or  milk powder. This saves you both time and effort when rearing your  animals.

Calf Hutches


Calf igloo huts and calf boxes 

Variable: size form for specific ages

  • Durability: first-class selection of materials
  • Optimal animal care: simple access to the calf

Calf Pens



 Flexible: many possibilities for division

  • Stable: resistant against impacts
  • Field-tested: proven design

Selection and Cow Traffic

One Way Finger Gate


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Autoselect 3000 Sort Gate


Sorting Laneway

Autoselect 5000


3-way Sorting

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 Each individual cow and herd has its own requirements. As such, a  professional and well-developed system for animal selection is the key  to the success on your farm. For effective, reliable and easy sorting,  we recommend using the AutoSelect system in combination with the  FeedSelect selection gate. 

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