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CIP Detergents


H.D. Pipeline Detergent

Heavy Duty C.I.P. Detergent  is a highly concentrated, phosphate-free, liquid chlorinated alkaline pipeline  and bulk tank cleaner designed to work in large systems and a wide range of water types  Available in 20L / 55L / 208L


CircoCold is a concentrated, phosphate-free liquid C.I.P . alkaline cleaning agent that can be used in low-temperature water (10 °C/50 °F) for milking installations.  Available in 55 Liter drums.


Tri-Pfan is a concentrated, chlorinated cleaner designed for superior performance at low dilution rates and in the toughest water conditions  Available in 20L / 55L / 208L.


Pfite is a premium, heavy-duty, chlorinated, caustic powder formulated with low-foaming surfactants for use in C.I.P . and spray cleaning, using soft to hard water.

CIP Acids


ES Acid Cleaner

Our basic CIP Acid. Available in 20L / 55L / 208L .

Circopower RSF Acid

CircoPower RSF is a concentrated, C.I.P. acid for milking and milk cooling installations which is particularly effective in the removal of milk stone and mineral deposits. Available in 55L and 208L .


LAC is a premium, heavy-duty, low foaming C.I.P acid cleaner or rinse. Available in 20L and 55L


Obsolve is a specialty C.I.P acid degreaser uniquely formulated to remove internal teat sealant residues and build up from milking equipment. Available in 55L


Synthesis combines the detergent and acid cycle into one step to save time and money in the C.I.P. washing process. Synthesis improves efficiency and increases cow throughput by reducing downtime in the busy milking parlor. The unique chemistry of Synthesis is effective in cleaning the milking system while also preventing internal teat sealant residue build-up.  Available in 55L and 208L

Udder hygiene



Apprehend is a chlorhexidine acetate-based teat dip formulated with two skin conditioning ingredients and a buffered pH to keep teats soft and pliable.Available in 55L and 208L


 Bi-Sept is a base and activator teat dip designed to help protect cows’   udders from bacterial invasion. The quick killing germicide, chlorine dioxide, provides extended bactericidal activity between milkings. Environmental and contagious mastitis-causing organisms are no threat to this powerful teat dip. Available in 20L / 55L / 208L.

Theratec / Theratec Plus

Theratec is a ready-to-use 0.5% (5000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be safe and effective for use in pre- and post-dipping applications. Theratec Plus is an emollient enhanced version of the number one GEA Farm Technologies teat dip, Theratec®. Theratec Plus is a ready-to-use 0.5% (5,000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be safe and effective for use in pre- and post-dipping applications.Available in 55L and 208L. Theratec has a 20L option as well.

Teat Kote / Teat Kote 10/III

Teat-Kote is a 1% (10,000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be effective for use in post-dipping applications. Teat-Kote 10/III is a 1% (10,000 ppm) iodine post-milking teat dip, formulated with 9.3% glycerin for superior skin conditioning. Available in 55L and 208L. Teat Kote only 208L.


Armor acts as a lethal shield of protection against mastitis-causing organisms. A total protection system, Armor kills bacteria on contact, contains excellent skin-conditioning qualities and forms a long-lasting protective shield around the teat. Available in 20L / 55L / 208L.

K.O. Dyne

K.O. Dyne is a concentrated iodine udder wash that combines excellent cleaning with effective killing power over a wide range of mastitis-causing bacteria. Available 20L

Foot Care


PediCuRx Complete

PediCuRx Complete is a multi-use product for use as a footbath additive, or topical treatment.  Available in 4L / 55L / 208L

PediCuRx Tri-Fusion

PediCuRx TriFusion is a footbath additive, designed and proven to enhance the existing footbath treatment solution while reducing use of heavy metals in the footbath. Available in 55L

Specialty & Manual Cleaners



LiquiPfan a concentrated, liquid manual cleaner designed for hand-brushing or pressure washer. Available in 4L


MSR is a concentrated, high-foaming acid detergent, designed for manual washing of milking equipment. Available in 4L

Mitrocin Plus

Mitrocin Plus is a concentrated acid cleaner. Available in 4L

Citrophos SF

Citrophos-SF is a premium, heavy-duty, low-foaming C.I.P . acid cleaner. Available in 4L and 20L.

Foam Blast / Foam Glo SF

FoamBlast AF is a high-foaming, chlorinated alkaline-based cleaner designed for superior performance in parlors, at low dilution rates in various water conditions. Foam Glo SF is a high-foaming, acid-based cleaner and brightener designed for superior performance on bulk tank exteriors, supply room stainless or parlors at low dilution rates in various water conditions. Available in 20L

Peroxysan RS

PeroxySan-RS is a Peracetic acid C.I.P.  sanitizer that significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the milking system. Available in 55L and 208L

Laundry & Hand soap


Sure Comfort

Sure Comfort is a liquid hand soap that is strong enough to clean ground-in dirt yet gentle enough to use as a shampoo. Available in 4L


Lira liquid laundry detergent provides superior cleaning power for all types of dirt on all types of materials in a convenient, easy-to-use liquid. Available in 4L


Rave is a concentrated powdered laundry detergent designed for superior cleaning power for all types of dirt on all types of materials. Available in 25lbs Pail

Santex (Powder)

Santex is an udder cloth detergent that effectively cleans and softens udder cloths, and is specifically formulated for dairy farm use. Available in 35lbs or 100lbs Pail.

Liquid Santex

Liquid Santex is a liquid udder cloth detergent that effectively cleans and softens udder cloths, and is specifically formulated for dairy farm use. Available in 55L.

Other Products



Dry-Off is a gentle, latex-based teat sealant that forms a durable protective layer over the teats of dry cows. This teat protectant sealant, when used in conjunction with recommended dry cow therapy procedures, helps provide additional mastitis protection for dairy cows early in the dry period and just prior to calving. 

Lobe Blast

LobeBlast is a high-foam flushing detergent with visible cleaning benefits that will extend the life of your lobe pump and reduce breakdowns and emergency service repairs.


ZorbiSan is a high-absorbency bedding treatment for dairy applications  that improves cow comfort by keeping bedding cleaner and drier.

Big Rid

Big Rid is a concentrated, non-foaming shock treatment for build-ups on milking equipment.

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